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Ronald Salazar
Hi te.ua,

You've no-doubt heard about the success of Udemy and other eLearning platforms like it.

Last year Udemy alone did in the range of $600-700 Million, and the industry as a whole is around $400 Billion.

But here's a dirty little secret about the business: Udemy isn't even making profits yet.

OK, technically it's not a secret since they're a publicly-held company, but most of their instructors and customers are certainly not aware of it.

Along with their competitors in the industry, they're focused on growth, and as a result they're losing tens of millions of dollars every quarter.

That's not to say that it's a bad business, or won't become profitable.

However, I bring this up to make two points:

1) There's a better way for most of us to start an eLearning business.

2) You really can compete with platforms like Udemy.

Here's a brand new AI solution that allowed you to start your own Udemy-like academies in a matter of minutes: https://www.nowbusiness.info/profitcourse

While companies like Udemy are building their business like a typical startup in the world of Fortune 500 companies (raising gazillions from investors, taking years to become profitable, etc.), individual entrepreneurs can create a profitable business immediately.

No red tape to cut through. No investors to keep happy and pay back. You can start for pennies and be profitable from day one.

In that sense, you REALLY can compete with platforms like Udemy.

Using this new AI platform called CourseMateAi, you can also compete with them in other ways.

By harnessing the power of AI, you can generate new courses on any topic, at any time.

That gives you an edge over those other platforms. Suppose there is a new trend or breakthrough in a niche. You can create a course with the AI and launch it within minutes, while instructors on Udemy are scrambling for weeks to do the same.

Again, all this is not to say that the mega-platforms like Udemy and Coursera are bad. Just to say that you can beat them at their own game by leveraging this new technology today: https://www.nowbusiness.info/profitcourse

Right now CourseMateAi is super affordable during the launch special, but the price will be increasing to a monthly subscription due to huge demand. Get in now before it's too late.

To your success,

Ronald Salazar

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Відгуки про магазин
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Hector McRae

It's time for you to say goodbye to old-school autoresponder and lead-generation methods!


Because there is a brand new platform that lets you (te.ua) send unlimited emails and capture one click leads all in one!

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And it's Called Newsmailer!

Newsmailer is the World First Ever ChatGPT-powered Autoresponder that Lets you send Unlimited Emails, generate unlimited Leads, Upload unlimited Leads, Free SMTP, Unlimited Automation, Dedicated IP addresses and Create unlimited swipe using the power of A.I in 30 Seconds or less!

Here is what you will be getting with Newsmailer at your disposal:

Get instant access to the 1 Click Ai Newsmailereration App.

Get Access to the Unlimited Autoresponder with Free SMTP.

Collect Leads from any visitors in 1 click.

Build your list fater without any tedious coding skills or technical skills.

Send Unlimited Emails to unlimited subscribers using our Free Autoresponder.

Smart technology that adds only the genuine verified leads to your list.

You can start generating leads & traffic from any platform.

Grow a quality list of subscribers using this advanced platform.

Unlimited Profits.

100% Newbie-Friendly.

FULL Commercial License Included - sell Lead generation services to clients.

Pay one time and use it forever.

Newsmailer gives you the power to capture high-quality email after high-quality email.

And you can send UNLIMITED emails to your list, as often as you like!

>To Know More about Newsmailer click here: https://www.busitoday.co/newsmailer !

To Your Success,
Hector McRae

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Joe Dollard
Hey there Visionary,

Ever feel like you're in an endless battle for traffic, stuck between high-cost ads and the slow burn of SEO? It's time to tap into a gold mine that most are overlooking: Google Image Search powered by AI.

Introducing StockDreams, the game-changer in visual content creation: https://www.realdollar.xyz/stocktraffic

StockDreams isn't just another image tool; it's a visionary's playground, powered by AI to ensure your visuals do more than just 'show' – they perform.

With StockDreams, you're unlocking an arsenal of AI-generated visuals, from captivating stock images and vibrant illustrations to bespoke logos, icons, and even brand characters.

Not to mention the doodles that can bring the fun to your brand voice, and product images that sell not just a product but a story.

Here's what StockDreams unlocks for you:

?? AI-generated stock images tailored to your niche.

?? Custom illustrations to give your content a polished, professional edge.

?? Dynamic logos and icons that capture your brand essence.

?? Unique brand characters to personify your business and connect with audiences.

??? Engaging doodles to humanize your marketing and make it relatable.

?? Product images that spotlight your offerings in the best light.

And all of this comes with an easy-to-use image editor that makes customization a breeze.

Ready to revolutionize how you attract visitors? Dive into the world of StockDreams: https://www.realdollar.xyz/stocktraffic

Wave goodbye to traffic woes and hello to a visually-rich future.

StockDreams is not just a solution; it's your partner in capturing the attention your business deserves.

Unlock your potential, one click at a time.

Excited for you to see the difference,

Joe Dollard

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Ryan Bernardini

When it comes to high performance SEO..you need either a big expensive software or a big team of seo experts to perform the tasks for you..

ESPECIALLY backlinks..which are the backbone of all google rankings.

This is a NIGHTMARE for beginners, because where and how do you even get started?

No wonder most beginners don’t even bother trying SEO or quit it very fast.

Well, no more, absolutely NO MORE.

I’ve found the ultimate free traffic solution for you when it comes to SEO rankings especially for beginners.

It’s called Ranksnap A.I, and it’s a top tier A.I tech that ranks ANY video or website for ANY keyword right on page #1 FAST and for long term.

And it costs 95% LESS than the competition.

Check out Ranksnap A.I here : https://www.truevaule.xyz/ranksnaps

Here’s the full scoop about this:

Ranksnap A.I is an A.I backlink builder that is based on the “F.A. R” ranking formula, FAR stands for Fast and Reliable.

The whole idea is to build thousands of backlinks as if a human builds them, or a team of humans, in a way that google LOVES.

And..it does it so quickly and so cleverly that the rankings come fast AND stay for weeks and even months.

Some cases, YEARS.

It’s point and click simple, so I highly recommend you check it out here now: https://www.truevaule.xyz/ranksnaps

It’s SUPER affordable (for now) and so make sure you check it out now before the price increases.

Enjoy this BEAST!

Ryan Bernardini

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Spencer Gloria

I hate to bug ya’ but…

Your window of opportunity is closing fast!

Michael Cheney is shutting down that special offer for Profit Alliance.

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This program has been absolutely life-changing for so many stuck entrepreneurs…

That’s why I want you to take action right now while you still have a chance.

Truth be told, you will NEVER see this offer again.

(Because my bonuses are going bye-bye-bye)

So each second you let slip by, is another lost opportunity.

Click here and join our Profit Alliance family right now: https://www.moregold.xyz/profitalliance .

See you on the inside,

Spencer Gloria

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Chad Harper

You know you have to be posting multiple times to social media channels to stay in business these days…

but creating high amounts of great content that actually gets tons of shares is super time-consuming still.

AISocials creates mass amounts of quality posts & addictive social videos using radical AI,

then posts them FOR YOU(te.ua) w/ revolutionary AI ‘smart scheduling’ technology.

You must see this in action: > > https://www.vaulemedia.com/aisocials

What Makes AISocials So Different & Special?

In seconds you can,

#1. Research viral topics to make AI social post & video campaigns around

#2. Let AI create entire social media campaigns w/ posts, memes, viral videos, quotes, & more w/ multiple variations around that topic…

#3. Have AI post all of that content at optimal times (no scheduling needed unlike Buffer, Hootsuite, etc.)

[+] Let AI Create Entire Social Media Campaigns w/ Viral Posts & Videos
[+] AI Posts all the Content w/ No Scheduling Needed (Breakthrough Tech)
[+] Add Midjourney AI Images to Your Posts to Stand out on Timeslines
[+] Create Addictive Content for, FB, Instagram, YT, TikTok & More from Keywords
[+] AI Video Wizard - Create & Edit High-Retention AI Videos
[+] AI Viral Post Wizard - Create & Edit Viral Social Posts & Images
[+] AI Variations Tech - Make 100s of Posts from a Single Keyword
[+] Find Trending Topics to Create AI Social Posts Around
[+] Make Viral Content - AI Memes, Cinemagraphics, Quotes, & more
[+] Agency Technology Integration - Give Access to the App

Plus, You’re Getting My BEST BONUS THIS YEAR…

Because I feel this software is so high-quality & important for small businesses offline or online, I’m offering a huge bonus with it

So, get access here before the price increases & qualify for my best bonus kit:

> > https://www.vaulemedia.com/aisocials

Chad Harper

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Gerard Partington

It’s true…

Mark Zukerberg Is not happy…


Why, you might ask?

My team and I created a completely legal app that generates 2,356 clicks daily…

Making us $500 every time we “flick a switch…”

This VIP app is called “Evoke”...

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A few things about this unique app…

It’s super easy to use…
You don’t need to have experience…
It generates TONS of free traffic…
No setup needed…
It works right out of the box…
Perfect for newbies…
Makes REAL commissions…

I guarantee that you’ve (te.ua) never seen anything like this…

It’s the ONLY app in the world that creates a “set & forget” AI engine which exploits Facebook’s Algo…

For unstoppable and life-changing profits…

Even if you’re a complete beginner!

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Mark my words…

"Evoke" is the BEST cloud-based app ever, and it will EXPLODE the market.

We spent more than 100k developing this bad boy…

And remember, we even made Mark Zuckenberg MAD…

Because we’re funneling Facebook’s MASSIVE traffic pool into our links…

Making us SIX FIGURES in 2024…

And now it’s your turn…

NO learning curve…
NO media buying…
NO skills needed…
NO blogging…
NO nonsense…

Just point, click and PROFIT:

=> Click Here To Grab Evoke: https://www.earnmorenow.info/evoke

Talk soon,

Gerard Partington

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Theresa Smith

I wanted to ask if you ever struggled with the choice of working out OR putting in more time at the office. Well, we have the perfect solution for you - EleBands!

EleBands offers ultra-thin, fashionable all day wearable body weight bands that seamlessly integrate into your daily routine. Burn up to 1,500 calories a day by simply wearing our bands on your wrist, ankle, and waist while you go about your normal day.

The best part is we have full body weight sets ranging from 3lbs – 30lbs to ensure optimal results no matter what your fitness goals are.


- No Gym
- No Diet
- No Excercise
- Nothing To Take...


- Get Toned
- Burn Calories
- Lose Weight Effortlesly

You have to see our bands, there is nothing else like them on the planet. Take a look NOW! https://bit.ly/elebands-news

Plus! We have bands for sports, casual, and formal occasions that you can wear with any outfit, ensuring you stay stylish while achieving your fitness goals.

Many of our clients are losing 2-3 pounds per week while experiencing significant health improvements.

Check out our stylish and powerful bands now: https://bit.ly/elebands-news

Theresa Smith
Brand Ambassador
Elebands USA

P.S. Many people choose to sacrifice their health to build their career or make more money, with EleBands you can handle your health and your career at the same time. This is a game changer you must see now, check us out: https://bit.ly/elebands-news
Michelle Funderburk
Dear te.ua,

Want a creative way to generate a new stream for your business?

Ever considered publishing children's books? With the A.I. Children's Book Maker, it's not just possible - it's easy!

Check this out:


This state-of-the-art web app allows you to create captivating children's books using advanced AI technology. It takes care of both the writing and illustration, and all you need to do is input your ideas (or let the app come up with the idea too, LOL). No writing or illustration skills needed!

Consider this: the children's book market is thriving and is valued at over $4 Billion, so there's plenty of pie for everyone who wants a piece.

With the A.I. Children's Book Maker, you can tap into this lucrative industry without the traditional overhead costs associated with book publishing.

This AI tool creates high-quality books that captivate both children and adults, making your book a likely favorite. Just imagine the potential!

I encourage you to check it out before the launch special ends:


Try the A.I. Children's Book Maker today. Embark on a thrilling venture, leverage the power of AI, and unlock a new stream of business.

To new successes,

Michelle Funderburk

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